Select Superintendent Awarded Quality Person of the Month Award by Atkinson Walsh JV

Kurt Hall, Select Electric Superintendent, has been awarded “Quality Person of the Month” award by Atkinson Walsh JV for the SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project. Congratulations to Kurt & the entire Select Electric team! See the award here.


“I would like to take the time to commend Select Electric for their ongoing commitment to quality on this project. Although I’ve only been a part of the AWJV team and this project for five weeks now, I’ve been observing Select’s performance in virtually every aspect of their involvement with this project during that time, and have been greatly impressed with their proactive management, innovative thinking, and thorough approach to the execution of their work.

Kurt Hall, Select’s Superintendent, is always planning ahead with quality and safety in mind. Kurt has consistently made it a point to provide myself and others in the QA department, as well as those in Construction, with daily updates to the progress of Select’s work and has consistently provided our department with daily QC reports detailing his team’s quality approach to the ongoing successful installation of the Temporary ITS System, as well as other installations on the project to date. He has developed a great report with the City of Corona and the Caltrans Traffic Management team to ensure that these systems, both new and existing, are meeting the level of quality and performance expected from our clients.

In addition to these key individuals at Select Electric, they’ve also brought in a core group of electricians who have consistently set the bar on what it takes to perform quality installations. During my daily QA inspections, I am pleased to be greeted by open, honest, and hardworking professionals, who are excited to discuss with me the detailed aspects of their work. They’ve shown a heightened level of transparency in their operations including their awareness and recognition for workplace hazards and their ongoing dedication to working safely.

These gentlemen have proven exceptional in their commitment to quality management, organization, and installation. I would recommend Wes, Kurt, and the whole of Select Electric for this month’s quality award for the project.”

-Scott Mathewson l Electrical Management

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